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Sign Up for our Club Card - Coming Soon

Joining the Wagamoo Club has some great benefits.
Club Membership Costs £20 per Month which is instantly Credited to your Wagamoo Account immediately each month available for you to spend in our Wagamoo Restaurant.

What are the Club Card Benefits:

  • £20 Credit available on your Wagamoo Account Each Month

  • 10% OFF your Bill Total after you have spent your Credit
    (10% discount is added after your £20 monthly Credit has been used giving you an ongoing saving)

  • Wagamoo Vouchers - EXCLUSIVE to Club Members Only

  • Only available when visiting a Wagamoo Restaurant.

Once you have joined SIMPLY Provide your Name at the TILL before you ORDER and let us know that you have JUST JOINED and we will PROVIDE you with your WAGA Club Card.

Waga Club Card CAN NOT be used with  

        Waga Club Card Terms & Conditions.
  • Card can only be used when Purchasing from the Wagamoo Restaurant
  • Not Transferable
  • Can be cancelled at any time
    PHOTO ID may be required.
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